AXS TV’s Summer of Love – and 50 Years Later

In my view, nothing is a coincidence. So I found it interesting, ironic, profound, maddening, and outright sad that AXS TV’s documentary about 1967’s Summer of Love debuted on a heartbreaking day in American history fifty summers later. Given the state of politics and what transpired on this day, I think some might see 2017 … More AXS TV’s Summer of Love – and 50 Years Later

The Chronicles of a Van Halen and Sammy Hagar Fan – 1979 to 2017

This post started out as a review of the Van Halen show in Tampa back in September of 2015. But it turned out I had thirty-something years of Van Halen, and by association Sammy Hagar, commentary that I had to get out. Realistically, how could any self-respecting rock music fan not have quite a bit … More The Chronicles of a Van Halen and Sammy Hagar Fan – 1979 to 2017

1987 Concert Ticket Stubs

The Tubes at the Country Club, Racer X/Shark Island/Hot Wheels/Redline at the Country Club, Ratt & Poison at the Long Beach Arena, Ruby Slippers/Idle Tears/Midnight Voyeur/Joker at the Country Club, Iron Maiden at Irvine Meadows, Billy Idol & The Cult at the Forum, Bon Jovi & Cinderella at Irvine Meadows, Agent X/Gratitude/Pair-a-Dice/Normandy at the Country Club, … More 1987 Concert Ticket Stubs

What Psychologists Say About Metalheads 2016

The following report was written as part of my graduate studies in general psychology. It has not been published anywhere but this site. Please contact me before reusing or reporting this paper. Note: I initially used the word “consumption” in this paper because, to my slight surprise, many of the research articles reviewed below also discussed metalheads as consumers and … More What Psychologists Say About Metalheads 2016

1983 Concert Ticket Stubs

1983 – The Psychedelic Furs, Adam Ant, Scandal, Billy Squire, REO Speedwagon, Neil Young, Stray Cats, Rush, Journey, Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Bryan Adams, B-52s, Rick Springfield, Styx, Loverboy, Zebra, Iron Maiden, Quiet Riot, The Police, Cheap Trick, Kiss, and Pat Traverse