The Rolling Stones – 2019 in Jacksonville and 1981 in Orlando

My 2019 digital and 1981 paper Rolling Stones tickets – Jacksonville, Florida and Orlando, Florida 

I’m not sure why it took me 38 years to see the Rolling Stones for a second time, but I’m so happy we made the four-hour road trip over to Jacksonville to see them on their No Filter Tour. Great show, great energy, great crowds – just one of those delightful concert experiences. 

I guess because it’s been so long that it struck me how much times have changed…

…from the way you got the ticket (camping out overnight in line at Tampa Stadium vs. buying them online), the ticket itself (cool artwork paper stubs vs. a screenshot read by a scanner), the fan photography (110 Instamatic cameras vs. cell phone videos), and the media (print newspaper reviews vs. today’s social media).

And of course – age, and the nostalgia that goes with it. You can do the math, but I was 16-years old in 1981 when the Stones toured for their Tattoo You album and Start Me Up was all over rock radio. Of all the incredible generations and evolutions of the Rolling Stones’ music, Start Me Up is so patently representative of the 1980s and brings me right back to being 16: 

Love the day when we will never stop, never stop

Yet Start Me Up is so unrepresentative of the Rolling Stones of a decade earlier, or the decade before that. This divergence epitomizes what makes them legendary – their perilous yet successful transition from ’60s to ’70s to ’80s music, and all the way to a sold out tour in 2019. Music that is both time-less and time-full, resonating some type of vibrational interaction that elates, that makes sense to the young and the old, and makes for that incredible concert thing.  

I’ve managed to save some fun stuff from my first Stones’ show back in 1981: the best-ever concert ticket stubs, the 110-camera roll of film, the newspaper review. And of course the other night I was able to capture a few snippets of another thoroughly enjoyable Stones’ concert with modern day technology. 

For a really good read and fantastic photos of that 1981 Rolling Stones weekend, check out this article on the Van Halen News Desk. Also, for some great up-close and personal photos of last weekend’s show, as well as some fun fan stories, check out Jacksonville’s The Florida Times-Union. For set lists and tour dates (for either tour, or almost any tour for that matter), check out

Good times, good times – then and now, no matter the vast differences.

Enjoy the travel back and forth in time below. 

The Rolling Stones with Van Halen and the Henry Paul Band on Saturday 10-24-1981 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Cost $15.60.
The Rolling Stones with Van Halen and the Henry Paul Band on Sunday 10-25-1981 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Cost $15.60.  

I’m pretty sure we camped out overnight in line at Tampa Stadium to buy these tickets. It was great fun. I may be confusing this with camping out for The Who tickets, but line-camping for tickets was a pastime then; that’s how you got tickets before they sold out. This was near the end of the paper ticket era, pre-computerized, and there was a limited amount of paper tickets at each venue. 

I remember going with two of my best girlfriends over to Orlando (about two hours away) for both shows, and camping out in my friend’s brown Dodge Charger in the parking lot of the Tangerine Bowl, partying, taking turns sleeping in the car and on the hood, like everyone around us. I notice the ticket stub says “No overnight camping” and “No cameras.” Apparently they didn’t really enforce either. 

St. Petersburg Times photo by Fred Victorin 
St. Petersburg Times Rolling Stones review by Kelly Scott. Sadly, I have to agree with the Van Halen review (just because of DLR). For more on that check out my post The Chronicles of a Van Halen and Sammy Hagar Fan 1979 – 2017.
I put this photo first as the guy or gal who is managing to sit on someone’s shoulders, smoke a cigarette, and take a photograph at the same time is modeling the exact type of camera I was using – some type of Kodak Instamatic 110 model. I apparently snuck it in, though that was not nearly as elaborate of a camera story as that of Timmy Mccrum on the Van Halen News Desk: he went into the stadium days ahead of the show and stashed his camera equipment in the “bowels” of the stadium.
Considering the camera had no zoom capabilities, we got pretty close – I remember we hung out on the level one railing.
The stage actually looks a bit rickety compared to today’s stages…but it sure was a spectacle back then. 

I remember it was really hot out, and my bff tells me we were sweltering and about to get crushed at some point so we left our spot and wandered to the back. 
The moving crane carrying Mick Jagger out over the crowds was pretty cool “technology” for 1981, but by 2019 it had been replaced by…
RS 2019 Big Screen
Spectacular big screens!
The un-zoomed-in view from our seats, Section 244, Row R, Seat 7. We stayed at (not in) our assigned seats for the first few songs, and then spent the rest of the night in the large and lovely open-air level two bar area at TIAA Bank Field (home of the Jacksonville Jaguars), meeting all kinds of cool people and happily jamming away. Since there were a limited number of shows on the 2019 No Filter Tour, there were people from all over the country, all happy to be a part of the energy.
This is our view from the second-level open-air bar area where we spent most of the show – we were able to move and roam and socialize more freely. I much prefer a General Admission kind-of experience at concerts – it’s so hard for me to be confined to a seat area, particularly when the people behind me want to sit. Can’t do it. This was the finale fireworks.
The final bow. I was so happy I got to see this show.

And finally a few video snippets…I can’t tear myself away from a show to record an entire song but I hope you can catch a brief glimpse of the great vibe with these clips…good times, good times ;o).

The Rolling Stones with the Revivalists on 7-19-2019 at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida – Digital Ticket Screenshot. Cost +-$150.00.
The Revivalists opened – I definitely want to listen to more of this band. Always happy to find new music. I’m really getting into their song Got Love.
Anticipation screens…
Video screen ad in the stadium
Me and the bff in Jacksonville ;o)

3 thoughts on “The Rolling Stones – 2019 in Jacksonville and 1981 in Orlando

  1. I remember that ’81 show. I didn’t go to it but I recall it was on Pay Per View or something and George Thorogood opened for them. I’m a little older than you but for some reason, even though I followed the Stones religiously, never saw them live till late ’90s Bridges to Babylon tour. Now I’ve seen them four times including this one. Looking at your pictures reminds me that in some ways it was kinda more fun back then – tickets were cheaper, we were young, etc. A lot of people who came to the show I attended seemed to be there to get the T-shirt as much as anything else. Oh well. Great show anyway.

  2. I was at The Rolling Stones concert in Orlando with Van Halen and remember it well. Van Halen was getting booed off stage and David Lee Roth mooned everyone and walked off stage. Wasn’t the fact they were bad everyone just wanted to see the Stones. Awesome times. I still have my ticket stub also. Any many more

    1. Thanks for the memory, Kimberly! I think I’ve read that about them being booed – I may have to update my post. I wish I could remember things better…thank goodness I have these photos and stubs. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your memory ;o)!

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