Big Hair x2

What’s this blog about?

These are the adventures of a live music fanatic. It’s somewhat editorial, very autobiographical, a bit philosophical, and partially academic.

Who is writing this blog?

I am a 53-year old rock music fan; I recently quit my 17-year career as a baseball lawyer (a field I accidentally yet fortuitously fell into); and not long ago I acquired a master’s degree in psychology due to my fascination with pop culture influences on human behavior. That, along with my life-long desire to become a teacher, has led me to seek a new career in education. As a teacher, it would be my hope to develop and nurture an awareness of the perceptions and influences that shape us as individuals and as a society.  

I spent a lifetime in the 1980s L.A. Sunset Strip music scene. My friends and I have great and not-so-great memories of a place and time that will never be again: the Decade of  Decadence in the City of Angels (please excuse the clichés).

I am a Florida girl – my hometown Tampa Bay area had a great music scene back in the ’80s too. I still go to as many concerts as I can and am loving all the classic tours going on these days. 

Why the blog?

The thought of a blog popped into my head one day as I watched the expressions of my co-workers when I casually mentioned a snippet of one of my ‘80s stories. It was the one about being at a party at Larry Flint’s mansion with Althea Flint’s heroin dealer in 1984. One co-worker, who simply knew me as a corporate lawyer with a penchant for rock music, stared at me with her mouth hanging open. The other, whom I had previously told we once hosted a future Guns n’ Roses keyboard player for Thanksgiving dinner in 1986, said “I can’t wait to read your book!”

It dawned on me that since these memories and music musings are generally short and sweet (well, perhaps not always sweet ;o/), a blog is the perfect place for them all.

On being old, thankfully and prophetically…

I feel lucky to have grown up when I did: two decades of relative peacetime; the last generation of kids who got to play outside without fear of being kidnapped or shot, and coming of age in the limitless excesses of the ’80s. It was the last decade before the world came crashing down in a haze of antidepressants and terrorists, before musicians started singing about how life sucks instead of changing the world or having fun, before the Internet, before this reality. I both blame and thank the pop culture of the first half of the 20th Century, particularly the break-on-through age of the ‘60s and ‘70s that brought us to that ‘80s climax of good times. And I accept some blame that it was our excesses that likely brought it all to a screeching halt and freaked out the kids of the ‘90s. It’s all stuff to ponder and write about, all the while making a few psychological observations along the way.

In summary?

With my stories and my studies, I hope to reflect the influences of music on man- and women-kind to whoever reads this now and centuries from now. Because after all, to most of us, life’s all about the music ;o).


© 2018 Rocksandy. All Rights Reserved.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Heehee, love the stories! I met Tami in front of the fireplace at the Rainbow. Then I left L.A. and you went there, and you met her at the Roxy. Even in L.A. it was a small world sometimes. I can’t wait to hear more stories. Or maybe I can’t wait to be reminded of stories I’ve forgotten, lol! Your blog rocks! (Insert head bang and devil horns hand here!)

    1. Thank you so much for the praise and for visiting, Louise! I’m still new at this WordPress thing and I’m having a hard time finding your blog – your Gravatar profile doesn’t seem to have a link…but then I may be missing something right in front on my face ;o/ Either way, if you have a minute, please let me know your link so I can check it out! Thank you again!

  2. Hi Sandy,

    I was at some of your shows, being from TB myself. Just a note. The Neil Young 1983 show was on the 4th, not 14th. Your “Void” looks like it’s obliterating the “1,” but it’s actually not even there.

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