1986 Concert Ticket Stubs

Concert ticket stubs 1980-2015
These are all of my concert ticket stubs from 1980-2015 that I managed to hang on to – I decided to inventory them by year(s). Enjoy the trip back in time to 1986 below…

What a place in time was 1986! An amazing year for me and for music. I moved back to Los Angeles and stayed for three years this time – life was all about the fun, the party, and experiencing everything the decade of decadence had to offer. Take from that what you will, but life was an amazingly fun ride of ups and downs and I wouldn’t change one thing. Nights were spent in the Sunset Strip Scene at the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Country Club, FM Station, Gazarris, the Roxy, the Troubadour, the Whiskey, the Galaxy after hours (any one else remember that short-lived place?), and a few other hot spots here and there…ahhhh, the memories that do remain, wishing I could remember more. And wishing all these clubs would have had ticket stubs so I could remember all the bands I saw, cuz it was a whole lot more than the ones listed below. For a look at some band flyers from this scene, check out my 1984-1989 Los Angeles Sunset Strip Band Flyers post.

Kiss & Wasp, Aerosmith & Ted Nugent, Thrust, Steel Wolf, Great White, Poison & Hurricane & Leatherwolf, Loudness, and CheapTrick. 

1986 Concert Stubs

Kiss & Wasp on 1-7-1986 at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida. Cost $14. 

1986 Concert Stubs

Aerosmith & Ted Nugent on 3-26-1986 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $15 + $1.50 service charge. 

1986 Concert Stubs

Made it back to Los Angeles. Thrust, Steel Wolf, & Rated X on 4-25-1986 at the Country Club in Reseda, California. Cost $6.50. I don’t remember anything about these bands ;o/.

1986 Concert Stubs

Great White on 4-27-1986 at Joshua’s Parlor in Long Beach, California. Cost $10. Oh how I remember this show. So many things. How no restaurant or gas station or place of business would let us use its restroom on the drive over. The Mascara Incident. Oh, the dancing thing, most of all I can visualize the dancing. Lots of friends, good times, good times. Why I clearly remember so many details of this night is unknown but I am thankful!

1986 Concert Stubs

Hurricane – a band we went to see a lot – with Dirty Blonde in May, 1986 at the Country Club in Reseda, California. Cost $8.50. Note of interest: the singer Kelly Hansen does a great job as the singer of Foreigner these days. I have several Hurricane flyers and fan club mailings to post. 

1986 Concert Stubs

Poison, Hurricane and Leatherwolf on 6-28-1986 at Santa Ana Stadium in Santa Ana, California. Cost $12.50. I also remember some things from this show, mostly, ah what a beautiful California day.

1986 Concert Stubs

Loudness on 8-2-1986 at the Santa Monica Civic Center in Santa Monica, California. Cost $15. I went and looked up who else played this show, and according to setlist.fm, Poison was also on the bill. 

1986 Concert Stubs

Cheap Trick on 12-22-1986 at The Palace in Hollywood, California. Cost $14.50. 

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