Blogging 101, Day 13: Try (Another) Blogging Event – Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In

Today’s task: pick a blogging event from the Community Event Listings, and participate in the next round.

The first event listed on this site the day I visited was called “On That Song,” so of course I had to go check it out. This event organizer, who has a blog entitled Caress. Possess. Music., will write an entry on musicals every Wednesday, “although the participants of this event are free to pick any song they like. The post will focus on things like the development of the song, the history of the various renditions, and your personal opinion of which cover is the best.”

I don’t really get musicals but I can try to play along. I can’t explain why musicals don’t appeal to me. You’d think such a huge music fan would love or at least like them, but I really don’t know many people who do – just one.

Of course the first musical that comes to mind in the rocksandy genre is Rock of Ages, but I don’t want to give that musical – or movie – any love (something for another blog). So I thought about the only musical I’ve ever seen on Broadway with my one friend who does love musicals, and who I once visited New York City with: Hair. There were several universal hints prodding me towards picking this particular song from that musical.

For one, a few weeks ago my massage dude (I’m not a big massage person but I had been having a very stiff and achy back and neck) started talking about how I had good energy – how cool is that – and we ended up having a sort of metaphysical discussion on awareness and spirituality. He said he noticed more and more people finding and developing this element of life. The “Age of Aquarius” popped into my mind because, like the song Aquarius from the musical Hair says:

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind’s true liberation

Simply put, the “Age of Aquarius” promises a better human nature as we all become more compassionate and aware of our true selves. I can’t quote one source, but I googled it a few weeks ago after that conversation and some people claim 2012 was the beginning of the Age, while others predict it will start in another 40-50 years. Either way, just like homo erectus, we certainly seem to be evolving. I have seen it firsthand among my friends and co-workers. Some may claim it’s just age making us wiser, but I’d like to think we’re getting there.

For another universal push, I have had some pretty intense conversations on the subject with my bff Randee (whose ’80s hair is featured along with mine on my About page lol) over the past two years.

And in another coincidence (even though nothing is a coincidence),  just before I went to write this blog I took one last look around the WordPress Blogging 101 Commons and happened upon a blog called Destination Enlightenment, which I started to follow. She says:

Society is shifting but we still have a long way to go. DE is my way of staying true to me and my contribution in helping bridge the gap between the human experience and who we really are.

So anyhow, back to the songs – and it’s songs instead of song because these two songs are always played together – that are meant to be the focus of this blog: variously known as Age of Aquarius and Let the Sun Shine In. The Youtube video, from who knows where or what – I often wonder if these old videos are from old-fashioned variety shows – is quite amusing. The band, 5th Dimension, is floating out in space on a disc in silver futuristic clothing:

Side note: that was my first time inserting a YouTube video so hopefully this works according to the WordPress directions when I hit publish.

Second side note: My husband just walked by when I had this video up and he said “What does that say? Age of Asparagus?” and I had a laughing fit ;o)

I like Part Two of the song best. It grooves a bit more and of course being a sunshine lover in the Sunshine State, I’m all about letting the sun shine in. A few things come to mind when I hear this duo of songs:

One is my favorite Kid Rock lyric from the song Rock-n-Roll Pain Train:

Stand strong in the storms of life…The sun will always shine on you. 

How optimistically positive is that?

Another is that it brings to mind the two Journey songs that are always played together from the album Infinity: Feeling That Way and Anytime. Ahh, how I loved their albums Departure, Evolution and Infinity in high school. Didn’t like much after that. Interesting how that happens to some songs – it just doesn’t seem right if you don’t hear them together.

I decided to try to find a cover of Aquarius and, interestingly, I found a clip of Donna Summer singing it in a German adaptation of Hair in the late ’60s:

Who knew! I have to admit I went through a disco phase in 8th grade when I lived in Puerto Rico and didn’t have much access to American music. It was all about the dance parties that year. I loved Donna’s big vocals and I bought her Live & More album – which I re-bought in CD version in the late ’90s. It has some pretty kick ass bluesy, rock-ish songs and guitar. Great live album. I was trying to remember what song had the great guitar solo, and of course couldn’t because I rarely remember anything, so I googled it and came across boatloads of YouTube videos of guitarists doing the Hot Stuff solo, of all things. I forgot that aspect of that song! It’s always been buried in the keyboard and disco beat.

So I realize I really haven’t followed the directions of the Community Event I’m supposed to be blogging about, but it was cool to see what’s out there when a blogger needs a writing prompt. This particular post is all over the place as far as topics and songs and artists, but that’s my best shot on this rainy, un-sunshiny day ;o)


7 thoughts on “Blogging 101, Day 13: Try (Another) Blogging Event – Age of Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In

  1. Hi! I am the organizer of the blog event, and I appreciate that you took part in it! Be sure to come back every week, because the event recurs.

    Just a clarification: I write about musicals every day haha, not just Wednesday. Anyway, the songs need not come from a musical, as I said. It could be your favorite indie song, alternative rock or aria from an opera. Of course, Hair works fine as well; I love your choice.

    1. Thanks – and thank you for the great event! I really look forward to trying this exercise with a different song – there are just so many to choose from so it was easy to stick to the musical theme. I will try to focus more next time ;o)

      1. That’s good to hear! The event is up again today, on my blog! My song this time is from an old musical, but again you can pick any song you like. Hope you continue participating. Enjoy!

  2. Hey guess what, you have two friends who love musicals! Not just any musicals, I gotta love the story. But I have to ask you, RockSandy… Why you no love “Rock of Ages?” I can’t wait to see it, lol. Your post was a little rambling, but you know what? It was a pleasant rambling that took me down memory lane right with you, one of those pleasant rambling strolls that are so enjoyable , where we stop to look at this pretty flower and that neato tree and listen to that nice birdsong. Except your trees and flowers and birds are songs and bands. Just as enjoyable to look at and listen to as we stroll down the path. Woot!

    1. I stand corrected! I forgot, I have heard you mention the Phantom of the Opera now that I think about it, right? Rock of Ages is so…ridiculous lol. I know the ’80s were cheesy, and I know they were going for silly when they made it, but…I don’t know. I like the “pleasant rambling stroll” thought for my wandering all over the place – thank you!

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