Blogging 101, Day 14: Extend Your Brand

Warning: this post is kind of boring. But I am determined to write a post about each of the 15 days of Blogging 101, even if it is now almost two weeks past the end of the course.

Today’s task: extend your brand with one of the following: a custom site icon, a custom image widget, or a [Facebook] fan page.

I got slightly overwhelmed when I read this lesson – as I often do when something seems overly tech-y to me. And I don’t do Facebook and I’m not ready for a fan page or a custom widget. So I tried to chill and read the instructions for adding a custom site icon, aka a “Blavatar,” the little icon that appears in the same line as the URL.

The WordPress directions to do this were not complicated at all – even for me.

RS in Word without boxSince I thought my rocksandy logo was too complex to be shrunk to that size, and I don’t have any graphics software (that I know of or know how to use anyways), I used Word to make a red “RS” in a black box, saved it as a PDF, took a snapshot of it and saved it as a JPG (quote from my graphic designer friend after I told her this ramshackle branding technique: “that makes graphic designers want to commit suicide”). Hey, it’s creativity at it’s best shot when working with what you got, right?! But I thought the RS was kind of boring, and not the right branding for me. 

Then I decided to try the rocksandy logo anyways. I was right – too tiny. So then I took a PDF snapshot of just the centaur part of the logo and waa-laa! I’m pleased with the little clip ;o)



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