1982 Concert Ticket Stubs

Concert ticket stubs 1980-2015
These are all of my concert ticket stubs from 1980-2015 that I managed to hang on to – I decided to inventory them by year(s). Enjoy the trip back in time to 1982 below…

1982 – Rush, Krokus, Rainbow, Fleetwood Mac, John Cougar, John Waite, Loverboy, The Go-Gos, Crosby Stills & Nash, Stranger, Billy Thorpe, Avatar/Savatage, the Joe Perry Project, The Who, Joan Jett, B-52s, Eddie Money, 38 Special, and Cheap Trick.

Rush stub 4-12-1982
Rush with Krokus on 4-12-1982 at the Bayfront Center Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost $10.50. Sadly, this is my first computerized ticket purchase – no more camping out for paper tickets. I recall we followed Neil Peart around the Hilton across the street – I was obsessed with Rush lyrics ;o)
Rainbow Krokus stub 7-25-1982
Rainbow with Krokus on 7-25-1982 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $8.98. My bff and I got our first backstage passes at this show from a photographer but we only wandered around a bit and had to leave to leave to catch our ride (with some guys from the neighborhood in a 1965 Dodge Dart)…
Rainbow Krokus pass 1982
No exciting stories behind this pass. We had to leave to catch our ride ;o/.
Rock Super Bowl XV 1982
Rock Super Bowl XV on 9-4-1982 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Cost $15. Fleetwood Mac, John Cougar, John Waite, Loverboy. ‘Rumours’ was the first rock album I ever bought – in 7th grade.
GoGos stub 9-21-1982
The GoGos with A Flock of Seagulls and the Rockcats on 9-21-1982 at the Bayfront Center Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost $10.50. Somewhat outside of my normal music tastes, but I did hang out in the new wave scene with some new wave and punk pals at times.
Joe Perry Project fan club flyer 1982 both sides
The Joe Perry Project on 9-24-1982 at Astro Skating Rink in Tarpon Springs, Florida. I remember going to the show but I was fuzzy on the date since this was the only thing in my scrapbook – I found this date online.
Crosby Stills Nash stub 10-16-1982
Crosby Stills & Nash on 10-16-1982 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $14.25. ‘Southern Cross’ was huge and I have always had love for hippie culture. 
Stranger stub 10-31-1982
Stranger on 10-31-1982 at Skate Odyssey in Tampa, Florida. Cost $6.95. A great local band that almost made it – their debut album had just come out with ‘Jackie’s So Bad’ and ‘Swamp Woman’ – fun songs you can still hear today by the Greg Billings Band. Great band.
Billy Thorpe with Avatar stub 10-20-1982
Billy Thorpe with Avatar (former name of Savatage) on 10-20-1982 at Astro Skating Rink in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Cost $4.95. I have very fuzzy memories of this – I seem to confuse it with the Joe Perry Project show above. I also remember seeing Avatar play in a K-Mart parking lot in Clearwater, maybe around the same time. I remember the singer wearing a cape. Remember Billy Thorpe’s ‘Children of the Sun’? “People of the earth can you hear me…”
The Who stub 11-27-1982
The Who with Joan Jett and the B-52s on 11-27-1982 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. I was reminiscing about this show with a repairman at my house and he said the crowd booed the B-52s the whole time but I don’t remember that, but I’m guessing he was probably right as that’s an odd concert combo. And I think I picked up the flyer below at the show…
The Who MTV contest flyer 1982
I must have entered the contest as the perforated part is missing.
Eddie Money stub 12-4-1982
Eddie Money on 12-4-1982 at the Bayfront Center Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost $5.98. Not sure about the Christmas Dance Party. I still love the ‘No Control’ album, one of my faves for road trips.
38 Special stub 12-27-1982
38 Special with Cheap Trick on 12-27-1982 at the Bayfront Center Arena in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost $9.50. 
95ynf bumper sticker
Tampa Bay Area rock radio station – scrapbook bumper sticker.

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