1980-1981 Concert Ticket Stubs

Concert ticket stubs 1980-2015
These are all of my concert ticket stubs from 1980-2015 that I managed to hang on to – I decided to inventory them by year(s). Enjoy the trip back in time to 1980-1981 below…

1980 – Van Halen was my first concert ;o)

Van Halen stub 8-12-1980 Bayfront Center
Van Halen with Talas (Billy Sheehan’s band – I did not learn this until 2020 when I posed the question on Facebook and asked if anyone knew who “Talice” was) on 8-12-1980 at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost $8.50. I was 16 years old and I was enamored with concerts from that day on.

1981 – A great concert year…REO Speedwagon, Billy Squier, Foghat, Rossington-Collins, Alice Cooper, Van Halen, Blue Oyster Cult, the Kinks, Journey, Loverboy, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Starship, and the Moody Blues. 

REO Speedwagon stub 2-6-1981 Lakeland Civic Center Arena
REO Speedwagon with the Rockets 2-6-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $8.50. One of my three favorite high school bands (REO, Journey, Rush).
Tampa Rock Fest 5-17-1981
Tampa Rock Fest on 5-17-1981 at the Golden Gate Speedway in Tampa, Florida . Cost $7.00. I remember the event but not the bands.
Rock Super Bowl XI 7-4-1981 Orlando, FL
Rock Super Bowl XI on 7-4-1981 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Cost $15.00. REO Speedwagon, Billy Squire, Foghat, Rossington Collins.
Alice Cooper stub 7-25-1981
Alice Cooper with Spyder on 7-25-1981 at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Florida.
Van Halen stub 8-19-1981
Van Halen with G-Force on 8-19-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $9.50. Sorry to say that what I remember most about this show is starting to be disappointed in DLR’s live vocal abilities – I wanted to hear the songs I know and loved. It was still awesome though. 
Foghat and BOC stub 10-10-1981
Foghat and Blue Oyster Cult on 10-10-1981 with Whitford-St. Holmes at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $10.00.
Kinks stub 10-11-1981
The Kinks with Danny Jo Brown on 10-11-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $8. I think we got there late and that’s why the stub isn’t torn.
Journey stub 10-22-1981
Journey with Loverboy on 10-22-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $9.95. I clearly remember this was my first full-blown super concert high amazingness – that somethin’-somethin’ extraordinaire you get at certain shows – and that I left with no voice ;o) How I still love the Infinity, Evolution, and Departure albums. 
Rolling Stones stubs 10-24 and 25-1981
The Rolling Stones with Van Halen on 10-24 and 10-25-1981 at the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando, Florida. Cost $15.60. We went to both shows, sleeping as needed in the car in the party in the parking lot. I was 17. Good times, good times. I actually took my 110-camera to this show…
Rolling Stones Orlando 1981
Rolling Stones Orlando 1981 – photo taken with my 110 camera with a disposable pop-on 4-way flash.
St Pete Times pic of Rolling Stones 1981
This photo clip of the Rolling Stones show at the Tangerine Bowl from the local St. Petersburg Times was in my scrapbook. I went to this same stadium 33 years later to see Guns N’ Roses – check out the different view from my review post.
Jefferson Starship stub 11-20-81
Jefferson Starship with Red Rider on 11-20-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $10.
The Moody Blues stub 12-6-1981
The Moody Blues on 12-6-1981 at the Lakeland Civic Center Arena in Lakeland, Florida. Cost $10.
Beatlemania stub 1981
Beatlemania on an unknown date in 1981 at the Bayfront Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. My bff was a huge Beatles fan. Cost $12.

6 thoughts on “1980-1981 Concert Ticket Stubs

  1. Thanks for the trip down memory Lane… I lost all my tickets and backstage passes from those times got ruined (hurricane) . Shared yours to the FB community and Satellite beach brats. We probably bumped in to each other . Have a great day 🤘🤩🤙

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my site, Ben! I’m so happy to have a “place” for them to be enjoyed after all this time. Sorry to hear you lost yours in a hurricane. Interesting you should say that because when I evacuated for Hurricane Irma a few years ago I took them all with me and took pics of each and every one – I’d be so sad to lose those tangible pieces of memories as I wouldn’t remember a lot of shows with my poor memory banks. I hope to move on to the ’90s stubs next! Have a great day too! ;o)

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