Blogging 101, Day Seven: Keep Personalizing

Today’s assignment: create and upload a simple header, background, or both. Already done? Try a widget.

As for the header…Yay! I already have a header so I’m one step ahead with today’s assignment. I have access to branding and design peeps so I was able to do this fun part early on. My logo is based on my one and only tattoo – a Sagittarian rock star centaur. I instructed my tattoo artist on what I wanted my tattoo to look like, and I instructed my graphic artist brother on what I wanted my logo to look like. I love it – it is uniquely me. I am the epitome of the Sagittarius personality – more later on that – I’ve put it on my “future blog topics” list.

My tattoo b&wAs for the centaur…I love Greek mythology, and stories about Chiron, the philosophizing centaur teacher. I am both amused and fascinated that the stories of Dionysus, the God of Wine, and his followers – the satyrs (he-goats), rollicking in their lust of women and wine, and the dancing and intoxicating maeneds, obsessed with Dionysys and worshipped by the satyrs – have a lot of similarities to stories about 20th Century decadence. (1) I may have to explore this more – I’ve put it on my “social psychology research” list.

As for the tattoo…it was meant to be my 40th birthday present to myself – but I didn’t figure out what I wanted until I was 42. I would love for Kat Von D to embellish it in a stark black and white contrast, along with whatever amazing artistic enhancements she would come up with. Maybe someday I can find a way to plead for her to do that – I’ve put this on my “maybe figure out how to do someday” list.

As for the background…I found the background options available for my theme and I like the default option best. I have a cheesy thought for a custom background: a very light silver/grey outline of big ’80s hair (lol). I already warned you that I can be cheesy. It might look silly, but it might be amusingly entertaining. I’d have to see it – I’ve put  it on my “think about some other day” list.

As for the widget…I’ve put it high up on tomorrow’s to-do list. So you should see a new widget over the weekend. I’ve got to get moving onto to Day Eight ;o)


(1) This story of Dionysus decadence was learned in a Greek Mythology course at St. Petersburg College. I am going to get out my APA style guide and see how to cite a lecture. 

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