Nova Rex, Nostalgia, and Neurology

For some of you, I’m guessing that one of the emotions aroused by looking at 1980s-era Nova Rex is plain old nostalgia (we’ll get into the self-professed cheesiness later). The dictionary defines nostalgia as: “…a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to, of some past period, or irrecoverable condition; or the state of being homesick” … More Nova Rex, Nostalgia, and Neurology

AXS TV’s Summer of Love – and 50 Years Later

In my view, nothing is a coincidence. So I found it interesting, ironic, profound, maddening, and outright sad that AXS TV’s documentary about 1967’s Summer of Love debuted on a heartbreaking day in American history fifty summers later. Given the state of politics and what transpired on this day, I think some might see 2017 … More AXS TV’s Summer of Love – and 50 Years Later